6mm Swarovski Round Light Amethyst 5000

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Light Amethyst Swarovski Round 5000
Material Austrian Crystal Bead
Brand Swarovski
Place of Origin Austria

Regular Color
Available Size
4mm: 72 Pieces 
6mm: 36 Pieces 
8mm: 12 Pieces 

AB Color
Available Size
4mm: 36 Pieces 
6mm: 36 Pieces 
8mm: 12 Pieces 
Factory Pack available upon request

Brighten up your style with a magical and wow look using the Swarovski crystal faceted round bead.
Classic round shape bead and multiple facets, this bead can be added to any piece of jewelry for a burst of sparkle. Beautiful, simple yet elegant style makes this bead an excellent supply to have it, reason; you can use it nearly anywhere.
Small in size, you can use it as a spacer or as a pop of color wherever you need it.
It features clear color with an iridescent finish that adds rainbow tones.
Diameter 4mm, Hole Size 8mm

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